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UPDATE 9/2023: GBR has returned from a long hiatus and is reopen for submissions of fiction and nonfiction.
Long Island Sunset
Dee Cohen
[Flash Fiction]

For art’s sake, I will one day build a family.
Ross Gormley

Ready or Not
Emily Painton
[Flash Fiction]

Halcyon Days: A Review of Pool Party ’15
Caleb True
[Film Review]
Winter 2021: Issue 8.1

Heron in Winter
Kathryn Winograd

Letters to Myself
Abby Alten Schwartz
[Flash Nonfiction]

Fragments of Water
Emma Bruce

At Giovani's
Mark Crimmins
[Flash Fiction]

The Impossibility of Nearness: A Review of Star Things by Jess L. Parker
By Brian Clifton
[Book Review]
Spiritus Mundi
Julie L. Moore

Don't Feed the Bears
Darcie Abbene

Buying Light
Richard Spilman

Jimmie's Toy
Richard Spilman