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UPDATE 9/2023: GBR has returned from a long hiatus and is reopen for submissions of fiction and nonfiction.

Green Briar Review is an independent literary magazine. Currently, we publish fiction and nonfiction of a variety of forms. Check out our guidelines. Read our past issues. Send us something. We'd love to read your work! 

You can conctact us at info@thegreenbriarreview.com

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Geoff Watkinson
Managing Editor / Nonfiction Editor
Geoff founded Green Briar Review in June 2012. He has contributed to GuernicaBrevity [Blog]The HumanistThe San Diego Union-TribuneThe Virginian PilotstorySouth, and Switchback, among others. Check him out here.

Caleb True
Fiction Editor
Caleb holds degrees in History and Creative writing, and has published his fiction in venues like The Sonora ReviewFaultlineWhiskey IslandThe Madison ReviewPloughshares, and elsewhere. He is a musician and a triathlete, and has very strong opinions about writing and art. He is the Managing Editor at Dynamo Verlag.

​Former Staff

Michelle Menting
LeeAnn Adams
Laura Huey Chamberlain
Jane Ward
Jeff Newberry
Talia Smart
Michael Alessi
Lucian Mattison
Andrew Squitiro
Sarah Pringle 
Devin Stabley-Conde
Paul Fauteux
Jake Bateman 
Sally J. Johnson 
Paul Pastorini 
Martha Park​
Kristen Keckler
​Phil Quam 
Lucas Flatt 
Elizabeth Genovise
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